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  • BAMBOO Nursing Pads are soft, natural and gentle on sensitive skin. Washable, reusable breastfeeding pads are smart and sustainable choices for nursing mothers. Feels soft and gentle against sensitive skin.
  • ABSORBENT Washable Breastfeeding pads - Mid-Layer absorbs milk and ensures leaks are avoided. Cheaper cotton nursing pads brands may NOT have the waterproof backing so may not work for you avoiding wet patches. Great for avoiding night time puddles and day time embarrassing leaks.
  • WATERPROOF OUTER- the last line of defence against leaks so no embarrassing soggy patches. Reusable, Washable and get softer with more use!
  • PERFECT with lanolin creams like Lanisoh to ensure nipples are protected and comfortable. give yourself the best chance of success breastfeeding by taking this help and keep skin and nipples healthy. Full confidence for outings wearing any outfit!
  • EARLY BREASTFEEDING days are hard work and the last thing you need is extra bed linen and clothes to launder, and embarrassing wet patches when around friends and family.

Includes 2 Pairs (4x individual pads)