• COMPRESSION STOCKINGS - Black, knee high 25-32 mmHg (medium - firm) compression stockings. Ideal for pregnancy, air travel, maternity, diabetes and anti embolism
  • TRUE GRADUATED COMPRESSION increases blood circulation and provides relief for aching leg muscles while protecting your legs from potential varicose veins. Perfect for men and women, sporting or sedentary.
  • ALSO PERFECT for wheelchair users or for long hauls flights as air travel flight compression socks. Ideal as maternity compression stockings for pregnancy, diabetic compression hose for men & women, anyone recovering from surgery and sitting or standing for long periods.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY - Don't settle for cheaper, inferior products. Our stockings offer true graduated compression and are made of a top quality fabric that does not lose tension even after extended use!
  • SOFT and SEAMLESS so feels great against your skin while providing just the right amount of support pressure. Don't put up with leg and foot pain any longer!