Bamboo Charcoal Wrist Sleeves. Support and enhance your activities and recovery by gently hugging your hard working joints. The heat and compression supports takes the strain and friction out of the joint, helping you warm up faster, perform better, and recover fast in comfort. LightStep brings you a complete range of rehab, training and physio approved support wear for sport or recovery.

  • MOISTURE WICKING - Breathable bamboo charcoal fabric keeps your wrists cool, comfortable and rash free even after hours of use. Seamless on the inside for unbeatable comfort.
  • PROVIDES SUPPORT WITHOUT TOO MUCH PRESSURE - Unique design provides excellent wrist support and reduces throbbing and aching without restricting movement or applying uncomfortable pressure like some carpal tunnel wrist braces or splints can.
  • TRY BEFORE YOU CONSIDER INJECTIONS OR STRONG PAINKILLERS - Many of our happy customers have had great results with our wrist support sleeves allowing them to live comfortably without surgery, cortisone injections or strong painkillers.
  • ONE SIZE FITS ALL - Perfect wrist support for gaming, web browsing, typing, playing guitar, lifting weights, handwriting, hand sewing, knitting, hair dressing, bowling, yoga, pilates and countless other activities. Also ideal for carpal tunnel and wrist sprains.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - If you aren't completely happy with your PAIR of wrist support compression sleeves for carpal tunnel syndrome we'll refund you no questions asked. Ideal overnight wrist brace support for carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis pain relief and tendonitis support.