Soft Grey Bamboo Charcoal Ankle Compression Sleeves. Support and enhance your activities and recovery by gently hugging your hard working joints. The heat and compression supports takes the strain and friction out of the joint, helping you warm up faster, perform better, and recover fast in comfort. LightStep brings you a complete range of rehab, training and physio approved support wear for sport, pregnancy or recovery.
  • LIGHTSTEP ANKLE COMPRESSION SOCKS protect and warm the ankle joint making exercise and recovery easier
  • BAMBOO CHARCOAL in the sleeve is soft and natural against skin, allowing breathability, flexibility and boosts circulation
  • CLASSIC GREY is unisex and one size fits all. Warming and protecting the joints is helpful for running, arthritis, impact sports like tennis or golf and for joint support when resting between activities. Massages joints helping with circulation and blood flow.
  • GREAT SUPPORT for during pregnancy so your hard working joints get some relief and support. Check out our knee support sleeves as well!
  • COMPRESSION SLEEVES are also great for yoga and pilates to support the joints.