The YOU Movement – Embrace Your Natural Beauty, Especially During “That Time of The Month”

The YOU Movement – Embrace Your Natural Beauty, Especially During “That Time of The Month”

We are not surprised that our minds and bodies don’t feel their greatest when we are menstruating and during the days leading up to and prior to our periods. Just think of everything we get to deal with during that special time of the month from cramps and bloating, to fatigue, mood swings, pain, and more. We all know just how difficult this period of time can be to get through. What’s worse?!? We get to do it all over again each and every month…(grr). We’re here to help with just a little bit of silver lining to this oh so difficult week of ours by offering some very basic and natural ways to minimize some of the discomfort you experience during your pre, menstrual, and post cycles. Who can’t benefit from some self-care and wellness tactics?

Treat yourself better and with more care with these tried-and-true self help tips while on your menstrual period. Of course, these are not a cure all, we’re not magicians, we simply hope a few of these ideals will help you feel more comfortable, well rested, and a whole lot better when that time of the month rolls around.

Eat Right

Who doesn’t crave something fatty and unhealthy, or super sugary in the days leading up to their menstruation cycle? The problem with most fast foods, or foods high in sugar is that they can cause major swings in your energy levels which in turn can contribute to unwanted moods swings, bloating, and water weight. Put that cookie, bagel, pizza, or burger down, these are nothing but empty calories. Instead try to focus on foods high in protein and healthy fats which keep your blook sugar levels stable and can decrease inflammation. Eat foods high in fiber to support healthy digestion and reduce bloating.  Be sure to drink plenty of water as well as this also helps with digestion, hormone regulation and keeps you hydrated.

Also, be sure to keep your mind on a well-rounded diet, which has been proven healthy for the body especially during difficult times. Be sure to include foods high in vitamins and minerals especially riboflavin and thiamine which can reduce health risks associated with PMS. Also be sure to include iron rich foods as it’s common to have some deficiency there during menstruation.

Get Rest

We’re not breaking any ground when we say that our menstruation cycles can completely wear us out physically, which also tends to wear us down mentally. Your body naturally warns you when you cycle is approaching by feeling slightly sluggish and more tired than normal. During these early signs, it’s imperative that you get enough sleep each night. Getting just a little more sleep during your premenstrual period may make all the difference to you physically and mentally. Of course, when your body is well rested it’s much more capable of tackling the bodily stress of menstruation.

Try to create a peaceful environment that encourages you to stay well rested during your cycle. Plan your evenings so you can go to bed at a reasonable and similar time each night. Give yourself enough rest (at very least 7 hours) for your body to rejuvenate. Schedule your nights and mornings so you can go to bed and wake up at approximately the same time.

Stay Active

We’re not saying you’ve got to go out and run a marathon during your period but doing just a little bit of exercise can go a very long way to help you feel and look better during your period. Believe it or not, exercise can also ease some of the symptoms associated with PMS. Consider a yoga class to help with stress, bloating, and cramps. Walking or a light jog has been known to encourage your body to release tension, and mood boosting endorphins. Choose workouts that aren’t’ completely exhausting, but that feel good and invigorate the mind.  Of course, be sure to listen to your body, if it’s tell you to take it easy don’t try to push it too hard.

Take a Bath (yes really)

Heat, in all it’s glorious forms, is one of the absolute best ways to ease tension from tired muscles and reduce the pain associated with cramps and soreness. Who doesn’t feel relaxed when they dip into a nice warm tub! Try adding a nice Epsom salt mix for that over the top body rejuvenation.