Two generations of happy HeartFelt fans

Read about Heartfelt's reusable menstrual products through the lens of a mother daughter relationship.
Two generations of happy HeartFelt fans

As a child of the 90’s I was well versed in its pop culture, namely: N’SYNC, Chicago Bulls, Saved by the Bell. I even rocked my own pair of roller blades. When I started my period, I turned to the products available such as disposable pads and tampons. Organic, or reusable period products were unknown to me, I don’t even think they were mentioned on the maturation video I watched in 5th grade. 

I remember maturation class quite well because of the punch served after. It was red, probably Hawaiian Punch, but all us girls thought it was disgusting and inappropriate. The video we watched showed a mom talking to her daughter about a variety of products she could use when she started menstruating. The options were disposable pads that stuck to your underwear and disposable tampons. Honestly, I didn’t know anything about reusable products and the word organic was not in my vocabulary.

Fast forward a few decades and my own daughter has started her period. As a mom of the 2020’s I have more information thrown in my face about organic, non-organic, reusable products, waste fills, harmful chemicals, ect., then I would like. The fact that parents before the 2000’s didn’t have to sift through fake news about literally everything makes the 90’s look like a parenting dreamland.

But, if I am being frank, a lot of the information we have access to changes how I choose to parent, and hopefully it’s for the better. Knowledge is power and knowing what is in non-organic pads and tampons and how long it takes them to decompose changes everything. I cannot let my daughter use the period products I use to.

My daughter just started using HeartFELT washable pads and she loves them. She told me they were more comfortable than disposable ones. As a mom, I feel so much better knowing she is using a pad that is all natural, and environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic. I feel like I can skip all the articles on harmful period products because we use HeartFELT. It is a product I feel confident in.

 HeartFELT washable, ecofriendly pads contain no chemicals.  The inner layer of the pad is made with natural charcoal bamboo, making it ultra-absorbent and odor resistant. It can be comfortably worn for up to 10 hours. The pads are all natural, sustainable, reusable, environment friendly, hypoallergenic and ideal for sensitive skin.

I looked up some reviews from other HeartFELT costumers and here is what they had to say.

"I just wanted to let you know that last year I decided to look for alternative pads to use. I tried other pads and they felt bulky. Then I wanted to try yours. All I can say since I started my period 30 plus years ago, these are the best I have ever had. I feel like I am not even wearing a sanitary pad. I wish I could have found out about cloth pads. I don't have the cramps like I had with disposable pads. And Your pads hold so much more blood for my periods. Thank you SO MUCH for making this product,” wrote Leah.

 It can take over 500 years for disposable pads and tampons to decompose. The average woman will use around 16,000 pads or tampons in their lifetime. That means that when your great, great, great grandkids are on earth, your pads will still be sitting in landfills. Talk about leaving a footprint.

“My daughter is really excited about using products that are better for the earth. I’m so grateful that you offer exactly that. She hasn’t gotten her period yet so she’s using the light ones as ‘just in case it happens’ and she LOVES them. She said they’re super comfortable and so easy to use! She loves the idea of it being better for the environment. Outstanding products,” wrote Samantha.

Parenting in the 2020’s isn’t easy, sometimes I look back at my mom’s parenting days with envy. Thankfully, HeartFELT reusable pads have made motherhood and womanhood a bit easier, at least for one week out of the month. Thank you HeartFELT.

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